REDay2011 presents: DJ JIMMY CHEN

DJ Jimmy Chen
從早期的@LIVE,ROOM 18到TeXound,AXD一直到現在JUMP的駐場,他所堅持的就是音樂品質,在他擅長的舞曲類型裡,也由90's初期的 Soulful House 轉變為 Tribal House 到現在的Electro ,Minimal Tech House。他的接歌手法沈穩而流暢,舞客們感受到的不只是鼓動身體的節奏能量,還有充滿喜悅與希望的靈魂信念。在超過20年的DJ生涯裡,Jimmy 創造了多次的巔峰,他曾經多次受邀到韓國,香港以及新加坡打碟,08'年更應邀到美國舊金山的 The End Up 擔任 Guest DJ. 並曾與 Frankie Knuckles,Ralph Falcon (Murk),Terry Francis,Deep Dish,Tom Stephan,Victor Calderone ...等國際級DJ同台。Jimmy曾經發行過個人DJ混音專輯「Mint Taipei 101」,也曾在英國電台 Kiss 100,Tom Stephan所主持的節目中強力放送 Jimmy的DJ混音。在眾多光輝的日子裡,Jimmy依舊憑藉著對音樂的熱情,走過台北舞曲生態裡的諸多興衰起落,而這些光榮成就將轉化為Jimmy的前進動力,且將繼續為舞客創造美麗的天堂搖擺時光。

One of the pioneers of the rave club scene in Taiwan during the late 80’s, Jimmy Chen is a true veteran and leading activist of dance music, he is the man that you can trust when he steps up to the turntables. Currently a resident DJ at Jump (Taipei) , Jimmy also plays regular guest spots at renowned mega club Luxy. Jimmy's reputation as a DJ and distinctive style has taken him throughout Asia and even to U.S.A.! Much in demand, Jimmy is regularly sought out to open for top international DJ's when they appear in Taipei, including Tom Stephan, Frankie Knuckles, Ralph Falcon, Terry Francis, Victor Calderone, Deep Dish and many more. In '04, Jimmy was hand selected by Tom Stephan to be the first Taiwanese DJ to be featured on Tom Stephan’s Kiss 100 Radio Show in the UK. After 20 years in the club scene, Jimmy continues to challenge his audience, bringing new sounds to clubbers in Taipei and throughout Asia . Over time, Jimmy has developed his own unique take on these sounds and uses them to create sets that keep the dance floor jumping and the crowd screaming for more. Never content, Jimmy continues to challenge himself, always pushing himself to learn and grow as a DJ and an artist..